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Service Upgrade

How to tell if your home requires a service upgrade:

Confirm the main service amperage that your home currently has.

Locate the main switch on your home’s main service breaker panel.

The main switch is found near the top of the panel, in the centre. On this switch you will find a number, usually 60, 100, or 125. This indicates your main service rating. If you are unsure about where to find this number, or if the number is missing, contact Oceanvolt Solar & EV for a second opinion.

If you discover that you already have a 200 amp rating, it is your lucky day!

No upgrade is needed in your home. 

Other reasons you may require a service upgrade include:

→ Your current electrical panel/service size may not be adequate for solar power or an electric vehicle charger.

→ Your main breaker begins to trip.

→ You are thinking about replacing your oil or gas furnace/boiler with a heat pump.

→ You are planning on constructing an addition to your home, such as a hot tub, sauna, or pool.

→ You want to run any sort of high-amperage tools such as welders, kilns, or large power saws.

The process of completing a service upgrade:













  • Please note that service upgrades take an average of 2 days to complete from the initial start date.

  • We take care of permitting and the BC hydro application process.

  • BC Hydro fee's to increase the lines from the electrical pole to your home is $987.00. This is not included within our quoted price.

How to prepare for a service upgrade:

Clear space around electrical panel and proposed working areas

Cover or remove valuables to avoid drywall dust particles

6 hours without power


The City of Victoria is offering a $500 top-up when you upgrade your electrical service to 100, 200 or 400 amp service and switch your heating source from fossil fuel to electric.


These guys are top notch! I was having issues finding an electrician(s), to do a service upgrade at my house. I gave them a call, and they came that same day, to give me a quote! After giving them the go ahead, they took care of everything for me, made the service upgrade painless! Would highly recommend them! Thank you again, Jordan and Marcus!

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