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Our journey began when we both met on the job as first year electricians. Being outdoor enthusiasts brought us together and have been best friends ever since. Global warming is happening and it's effects are being felt around the world, we see it first hand as BC's wildfires are increasing every year. With this realization we wanted to be apart of the change towards a greener future so we set out and started Oceanvolt Solar & EV. Having this vision in mind and our passion for solar we intend to have a positive impact on our community by offering sustainable and renewable energy solutions.

Oceanvolt Owner Jordan Tucker

Jordan Tucker
Owner, Master Electrician FSR-B

Born and raised in Victoria, BC, Jordan is happy to be providing the community with safe electrical solutions. Bringing attention to detail, creative thinking, and up to date code and regulation knowledge to each job, Jordan is known for consistent, clean, and efficient work. Jordan brings a friendly demeanour and helpful attitude while maintaining professionalism and integrity to every job. A deep rooted love for all things outdoors, when Jordan has a day off you’ll find him camping, or taking on outdoor projects around the house. 

Jordan Tucker

Owner, Red Seal Journeyman

Marcus Piercy Downer
Owner, Master Electrician FSR-B

Marcus is an island boy through and through. He was born in beautiful Victoria, BC. Shortly after he moved to Salt Spring Island where he spent 10 lovely years growing up before moving back to Victoria, where he has resided ever since. His younger years were spent competing to a high level in track and basketball. His kinesthetic ability to learn and problem solve with his hands lead him to continue schooling and certify as both an electrician and firefighter. He continued to enhance his skills in the electrical field and his attention to detail and quality of work were soon being recognized by contractors across the city. As Marcus began scaling out new opportunities, he chose to complete his electrical FSR. Using this knowledge, Marcus incorporated his own electrical company with Jordan to continue to grow his career. When he's not working, you can find Marcus playing guitar, reading to learn new skills, working on his vehicle, and off roading to seek outdoor adventure! 

Oceanvolt Owner Marcus Piercy Downer
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