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Electrical home construction

New Home Construction

Electrical home light fixtures

Electrical Considerations

If you are purchasing a custom-built home or are considering a house that is currently under construction, you are fortunate in many ways because you can take control of the wiring installation.


Residential wiring can be the key to accessing whatever technical devices you use, taking advantage of the latest and best electrical panels, ensuring your home can pass a thorough electrical inspection, adding the types of lighting you prefer, and making sure the electrical outlets match the needs of your family.

Kitchen electrical light fixture

Electrical Power Outlets

Decide where you want your furniture. Planning before the furniture comes into the house means you won't put an outlet in a place where it will be inaccessible because of a bed or sofa placement.


When choosing the placement of your outlets, consider putting in a few more than you think you will need currently. Remember, you will add lamps, entertainment systems, and all those kitchen appliances.

Electrical wall outlet by office desk

Light Switches

Designers, architects, and builders suggest to their clients that a mental walkthrough of your house is beneficial when you are choosing the placement of your light switches. Any large rooms or halls will need more than one switch. Switches should also be at the top and bottom of staircases.


When working with your electrician, visualize where your wall hangings will go and avoid switches in that area. 

Hanging light fixtures in home

Lighting Fixtures

You have the benefit of choosing your light fixtures and exactly where you want them. Think about how bright you want certain installations to be; where the most ambient lighting will enhance your decor; where you want to place unique and unusual light, and work with your builder and Oceanvolt Electrical to find the best and most attractive places for outside lighting, along with the most dramatic lighting for your gardens, patios, and landscaping.

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