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Electrical outdoor generator


Major storms in recent years have spurred many homeowners to consider whether it might be wise to purchase a generator. If your area witnesses only brief, infrequent electrical outages, then you can probably continue to live quite happily without a generator. But if you’re losing power more frequently and for longer periods of time, then perhaps it makes sense to prepare for the next inevitable power failure by investing in a machine that produces electricity on demand.

There are two main types of generators to choose from, portable and standby. Both types will require a transfer switch to be installed to insure the safety of our BC Hydro lineman as well as adhering to BC electrical code.

→ Cost effective

→ Powers essential home loads

→ User-friendly

→ Requires manual operation and close monitoring

→ Permanent installation

→ Instant protection

→ Runs on natural gas or liquid propane (LP) fuel

→ Generates power to your entire home or most essential items

→ New technology allows you to monitor status on mobile devices

Portable Generator

Standby Generator

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